Daniel Negreanu takes a hit on PokerStars!

I told myself that if I started a poker blog, that it would be different than all the others.  As I’m deciding which way I want to take the blog, I continue to do what I love and that is to play poker.  Today I’m on PokerStars playing a host of the Sit & Go tournaments and I decide to see what’s happening in the higher limit real money rooms.  I found a couple of games where Daniel Negreanu was playing.  I decided to watch the games while I play, just to see what kind of action I’d see, and maybe the types of hands that would get shown.  While I’m watching, the following hand takes place.  I thought it was interesting, because I play with donkeys in my mid limit games all the time, however, I’d never expect to see this kind of play at $100/$200 blind NL Holdem game.  In all fairness, I didn’t watch long enough to really know if good2cu is actually a true Donk, but he was in that hand. Oddly enough, by the time I stopped watching the table, good2cu was ahead $83,000 on the both tables (I was watching two different games, he and Daniel were in both.

Here is the scenario.  Good2cu raises under the gun to $600.  Daniel re-raises the small blind to $2,200.  Big blind and good2cu both call, plus one other player in between.  Flop comes out 9-J-A, Daniel checks and good2cu puts in a bet of $6,000, fold back to Negreanu who re-raises to $22,000, good2cu – All in, Negreanu pauses for a sec, puts his opponent on a set, then calls his remaining $15,000 in chips for a total pot of around $91.000.  Negreanu shows A-K while his opponent shows J-9.  Turn and river 5 then 3.

Now I realize that this isn’t major news, however, this hand totally supports my current belief that learning to beat bad players is the key to winning poker.  Most people always get angry when a player makes a statistically unsound move or play in poker.  We call them donkey’s and dumb asses and anything else we can think of and tell them they wouldn’t do that in a higher limit game, but really these players are at all limits of the Poker.  Poker books are always telling you about how to play in favor of the statistics, but not really focusing enough on exposing the trends of  bad players.  something I think is crucial that a poker player understands, to be a consistent winner.


3 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu takes a hit on PokerStars!

  1. Good post. I get sucked out on that site all the time. Good to see a PRO can get a bad beat too. Shows that the site is real.

  2. I definitely agree. People need to focus on winning rather than just getting annoyed and calling someone a donkey or whatever.
    But I can’t blame them, these people are hard to figure out.
    Nice post.

  3. wow what the f@$% are you talking about? good2cu is one of the best online players, and can destroy Daniel in cash games any day, even Daniel admits he is a dog in these games, read his blog. good2cu played this hand very well, its Daniel who made the mistake of getting married to his TPTK in a deep cash game. Sorry but if you’re folding J9s in a 6-max game UTG you’re way to tight to do well against good players.

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