Donkey In The Middle

Good news. I am excited to have a new position here with the team as a blog contributer. Because I play poker almost everyday, in my local cardroom, I know that I’ll have lots of theory to share. The good news is that with my new iPhone bloggin app, I can sit at the table, and as I fold hands, I will have time to blog as I do what I love…”play poker”.

Today, as I’m playing, a situation reminded me of a game we use to play a few years ago when I was in elementary school. We played a game where you’d take two children and spread them about 15 feet apart. Give those two a ball that they toss back and forth to one another. We’d then take third child and insert that child in the middle of the other two, who then tries to ‘catch’ th ball. Ha. Ahhh the good ole days.

So what does this have to do with poker? I’ll give you something to think about that I noticed while playing in an $8-$16 limit Holden game. It was in a cardroom where all of the players were local to the game. The fact that it’s a local game with no tourists is important to note because I am a firm believer that these games contain more loose players than your average tourist game these days.

In seat 1 I sit and I consider myself a tight, solid, agressive player. Seats 2-7 are literally filled with the loosest players you’ll ever see in a game. Seat 8 is another tight, solid, aggressive player and seat 9 has a decent player. The button is on seat 5 and seat 8 opens under the gun with a raise, seat 9 folds and I three bet. Now I know that there are at least 5 of the six players in between myself and the other tight player in seat 8 that will call any amount pre-flop so I three bet my KK. As it turns out I was almost correct; all 6 players called only to get the pot capped by seat 8, of which I immeiately at that point put on AA. The flop turns Kc 10h 8h. Great. I realize I’m pretty lucky to catch my K but that’s another discussion. Seat 6 opens with a bet and seat 7 folds. Seat 8 raises. I smooth call ( to keep the other players in which we’ll refer to as ‘Donkeys’ from here out). I know that there are straight draws and possibly a couple of flush draws and maybe even a two pair in there. The turn releases a 5c. Check to seat 8 who bets. I call and so do the others. Are you getting the analogy yet? See all of the weakest players (Donkeys) are in the middle of us trying to catch!! River hits with a Qd. Still no flush. Possibly a straight now but seat 8 bets I raise we then lose 2-5. Seat 6 calls and seat 8 three bets. We both call. Seat 8 turns over a set of QQ’s. I show my set of cowboys and seat 6 had two pair. Ahh sweet victory.

So what’s the moral? I will never suggest changing seats because you’re getting bad cards. It doesn’t make mathematical sense. I will however tell you that once you identify another tight agressive player, make every effort to sit next to him/her. You want to get the Donkey’s in the Middle and you’ll certainly get value for the hands that you play and should make a profit in each session. Well. You have to play well also.

Until next time…


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