Let Me Help You Quadruple Up

Limit Holdem brings about so many things to consider. Good for me because I get so many great topics to write about. Bad for you because there is so much to remember and think about when you get your chips inolved in a pot.

Last week we looked at one way to get your weakest players situated as to maximize your pot sizes and winnings. Today I’m going to provide a quick analysis on a situation where you should probably not get your chips involved.

Here is the scenario. There’s a player who is short stacked in your limit holdem game. This player finds himself in early position and decides to raise, knowing that he’s going all in this round. In his mind, and because he is short stacked, there are many many many hands for which he is willing to put his remaining chips in action. For our example, let’s say he has four bets remaining and with his raise, he has two more bets. What you should know is that He is commited to putting in the last two bets regardless of the cards.

I’ve seen hundreds of times where some other bozo at the table will look up and say “Oh. You only have two more bets? Ok. I’ll re-raise to help get you all in”. WHAT????

So am I to understand that because a guy is almost all in, the action should be capped pre-flop, just to get that player all in? By no means am I suggesting that you shouldn’t re-raise with the right cards in this situation, however, it is DUMB to re-raise just because it will get your opponent all in. (unless you have a hand that can win in the end)

What you’re doing by building the pot, is giving your ‘all in’ opponent the opportunity to double up, triple up or more!!! Just let him take the blinds or run into a legitimately big hand that can put him all in and win which will then cause him to buy more chips. Isn’t that the goal? Now go win some chips.

Until next time…


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